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Roger is a serial entrepreneur who has developed an affinity and obsession for business and helping people. He teaches individuals how to start recurring revenue businesses without Venture Capital, Debt or Real Estate. 


He his the CEO and Founder of 0 Dollar Startup, Flipr, Comstock Consulting and Tuple. 


Roger loves being with family - especially his sweetheart Kayla. She is literally his best friend. He enjoys being outside, camping, learning, thinking, laughing, accomplishing goals, and helping people understand and reach their potentials. 


He has a goldendoodle named Max who is basically a shadow wherever Roger goes.

If you want to escape the 9-5, create your own side hustle, or finally start something that brings in a real ROI, this opportunity is for you! 

Learn from 0DS Founder, Roger Comstock, how you can create your own profitable startup, without ANY risk, by following a few simple principles already prevalent throughout every business industry in the world. 

Take control of your personal and financial freedom by creating your own 0 Dollar Startup, starting today!

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