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Kevin created The Fight Against Mediocrity as a way for him to give back to others. "You see, I didn't always believe I could make it in sales and when I made the leap, well, I sucked at it. It took a while until I finally figured it out and made $400,000 in sales in just one year." Prior to Kevin getting into sales he was an accountant only making 60k a year. Now he wants to share his secrets and frameworks with you so you can cut through the crap and get to your dream life faster and easier than you ever thought possible! 

Are you living paycheck to paycheck? Do you want to invest in things like real estate, but can barely pay your monthly expenses? Are you sick of financial stress? Then this is for you!

Take control of your personal and financial freedom by investing in yourself and creating skills that will allow you to dominate financial in any economy!

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