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Brady and Kami Nielson are the owners of Rapid Recomp, a fitness coaching company that does more than just fitness. Starting the company due to a lack of companies that truly offered everything that it takes to have true long lasting results

Though they started the company a short time ago, they have massed a huge impact already with hundreds of clients already working with them and having phenomenal success. Their focus is "how can we change/save as many lives as possible.

Most of their off time is spent having fun with their amazing 7 children.

This 12 week program with Brady & Kami is not just about having a great fitness routine, because for most that won't be enough.

They do a deep dive into nutrition as well with giving you a simple and easy meal plan to follow to make sure you are not only obtaining your weight goals, but also doing it in a healthy natural way.

On top of all of that, Brady and Kami do something unique, and that is they put a huge emphasis on your mental growth/habits. This is crucial for not just your long term sustainability with weight goals, but most importantly your true happiness.

Our focus is to teach you skills that you can use for the rest of your life!

Don't go spend 10's of thousands of dollars on things that a short term fix.

Come join RAPID RECOMP and we will help you regain happiness with your Mind, Body, and Soul!

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