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We have been nicknamed "The BBB of Mentoring/Turn-Key companies". There are thousands of Mentors in the world these days, for many it is hard to choose who is the right company to work with. Well we are here to save you the hassle, we went out and vetted many companies to make sure they were the best of the best at what they do. Let us help you create real success Financially, Mentally, and Physically.


Rize Academy came from a "light bulb" moment our CEO, Sebastien, had one day. Sebastien had been involved in the Coaching/Mentoring industry for over a decade. He worked with the likes of Kris Krohn, Cole Gordan, and Peter Sage. He had found that there was a huge missing piece to the industry, that piece was there wasn't a place a client could go to find out who really is the best company for them to work with.

That is where Rize Academy comes in. Sebastien first went out and found Josh (president), who also has years of experience in coaching/mentoring, to bring on to make sure we could structure Rize Academy to be the best place to go. From there, they went and found Austin (CMO), to come help build out the growth and branding of the company.

The amazing part of these three partners is that they found they all had something in common. That was that they all want to change as many lives as they can, yes they want to make money, but their focus is client first. They will never change. 

From there, the three of them went out and vetted over 100 companies until they found the top tier companies they felt had they same goals and visions as them. This is where Rize was officially born.

Beige Classic Circular Fashion Fashion Logo-2.png