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Done-For-You Amazon


Jon Briseno has been in the e-commerce space for a decade. He went from absolutely no money barely able to feed his family, to creating a 7 figure a year business.

He got to the point where the money 
didn't mean much to him anymore, and decided helping people is what would fulfill his long term happiness. Jon created Digital guidance and now has helped countless people create 6 figures a year with Amazon.

He is a family man that on his off time puts 100% of his focus on his kids and wife. He wants to be able to put you in the position to create the life he has been able to do.

We all know that Amazon is the giant of the e-commerce space, and everyone wants to get a piece of that pie. But most don't realize that amount of time it takes to be successful in it.

Come partner with us and let us handle everything. That's right we do all the work for you! 

We are excited to help you change your life using Amazon.

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